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Why Your Natural Hair Won’t Grow Any Faster

Do you feel that your natural hair won’t grow fast enough? You might be right as the speed of hair growth can change because of many factors ranging from diet to hairstyle to disease. In some cases, adding supplements and using topical treatments will help restore the health of your locks. This will allow them to grow as fast and as long as they can. But even that is limited by your genes.

Reasons Why Your Natural Hair Won’t Grow

Unless you are going through a chemo or radioactive therapy, your hair loss is most likely caused by a combination of factors. Most likely they are stress, poor nutrition, and some extra stress factor that targets hair follicles specifically.

This might be a genetic predisposition to baldness, severe stress, specific hairstyle, or a disease with hair loss as a symptom. Note that most diseases that might lead to hair loss usually do so because they interfere with your body’s ability to process nutrients. Conditions that affect the immunity, like chronic infections, hepatitis, or HIV, are most frequent ‘culprits’.

Studies prove that tight hairstyles cause traction alopecia. This means that your natural hair won’t grow well if you wear it in a tight bun or braids all the time. Most importantly, the damage dealt to the follicles might be so extensive that alopecia might become permanent. In any case, treating the bald spots will be extremely difficult.

There is also another interesting study on the communication between hair follicles. According to it, the hairs on your body communicate in a unique way. When the signals exchanged between them go into overdrive, people might have extensive hair growth in some places. The lack of this communication results in bald patches.

However, it’s essential to understand that genetics affects the speed of your hair growth. It also determines the maximum length your locks can reach. For most people, hair on their heads stops growing when it reaches about 2-3 feet. At this point, the growth will slow down to the extreme. Actually, having locks longer than that is an anomaly. However, most people dismiss it as a given focusing only on the cases when natural hair won’t grow.

What you need to take from this is the understanding of the fact that the speed of hair growth might be out of your control. The best you can do is to ensure your scalp and follicles are healthy. Beyond that, you won’t be able to go beyond your natural maximum. Products that claim to speed up this rate beyond reasonable (about 0.5 inch a month) are attracting you with empty promises.

My Natural Hair Won’t Grow: What to Do?

If you want your locks to get healthy and thus grow as fast and long as possible, you can use diet and specialized hair care products. Note that to treat hair loss in young women, you will most likely need some hormonal medications.

Some ideas for dietary and hair care changes include:

  • Eat more protein-rich foods.
    Proteins are ‘building blocks’ used by cells, so your hair is basically made from them. Lean meat, eggs, seeds, and legumes are the best protein sources for a healthy diet.
  • Stock up on B vitamins.
    B vitamins play an essential part in almost every process in the body. Hair, Skin and Nails vitaminsBiotin, in particular, has a great effect on hair health. The best food sources of these elements are seeds and whole grains. You can get an extra dose of biotin taking specialized supplements, like Biotin 10,000mcg. You can also try Nature’s Potent Hair, Skin & Nails as this product contains a mix of elements that promote hair health.
  • Use top-quality topical treatments.
    While there are several remedies to help you get healthy and shiny hair naturally, some cases of alopecia are too severe. In these situations you’ll benefit from high-potency specialized products, like Royal Formula Argan Oil Hair Mask.
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