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Top 4 Best Foods for the Immune System

In order to stay healthy, you must keep your immune system strong. Seeing how 80% of it is located in the intestines, the best way to support its proper function is through the diet. Today we’ll share the list of best foods for the immune system that you can eat every day, and get some extra servings during the cold season to protect yourself from nasty bacteria.

Fermented Foods: Yogurt

Fermented foods are great for the immunity by default, but yogurt stands out among them due to the highest content of ‘good’ bacteria that literally repopulate your gut. As we’ve already mentioned, the digestive system is the focus of your immunity, so you must keep it healthy at all times.

Unfortunately, poor diet, stress, environmental pollution, antibiotics, and a variety of other factors destroy the natural microflora of the gut, thus lowering your body’s defenses. Without the ‘good’ bacteria that live in your intestines, you can’t fight off the bad ones that can attack you at any time.

Pro-Biotic 30 Billion CFUFermented foods contain probiotics, which are the ‘good’ bacteria that usually live in the gut. This means they fuel your immune system directly, making your body stronger. Note that in some cases, simply getting probiotics from food might not be enough. For example, you might need to increase your intake of them after taking antibiotics. In these cases, you can try Ultra 60 Probiotic or Pro-Biotic 30, supplements designed specifically to restore the gut microflora quickly and efficiently.

Coconut Oil

One of the main coconut oil benefits is its anti-inflammatory properties. Various studies indicate that this particular food can enhance human immunity in different ways. It’s also one of the best types of oil that can be used for cooking, and it’s not as fattening as many other oils.

Coconut Oil supplementCoconuts, in general, are one of the best foods for the immune system, so you can eat any part of them whenever you want. Due to its ability to fight inflammation and high antioxidant content, coconut oil is also great for enhancing your beauty and can be used for creating some skin remedies. You can use this product in cooking or just take a spoonful of it every day. Although, it might be more convenient to take Coconut Oil supplement.

Barley and Oats

These particular grains have a special composition of dietary fiber that has proven to be an effective immunity booster. Their fiber is extremely rich in antioxidants and antimicrobial agents. It also improves your digestive health by simply being soluble fiber that tones up your intestines.

Studies indicate that regular intake of these whole grains reduces the risk of contracting infectious diseases, such as flu. However, this would only work when you maintain a well-balanced diet as oats and barley cannot make up for nutritional deficiencies that weaken your body as a whole.

Citrus Fruits

Vitamin C-1000 with Rose HipsAll citrus fruits make best foods for the immune system because they contain lots of vitamin C, an extremely potent antioxidant. With your levels of vitamin C high, your risk of contracting a cold is lower. However, even when you are sick, snacking on citrus fruits more often would help you get better faster.

Vitamin C helps your immunity by speeding up the process of white blood cell synthesis. These are the particles that help your body reduce inflammation. Increasing your intake of this vitamin when the risk of catching infection is high would be a good choice as our bodies don’t store vitamin C for long. You may also consult your health care provider about taking a supplement, like Vitamin C-1000 with Rose Hips.

Best Foods for the Immune System: Plan Your Diet Well

As foods aren’t medications, they cannot make you stronger or defeat harmful bacteria within a few days. In order to benefit from your diet, you must follow a healthy meal plan all the time. If you want to boost your immunity, plan all your meals for the flu season accordingly.

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