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The Best Way to Detox Your Body from Head to Foot

The best way to detox your body is to follow a balanced program that will cleanse every system gradually. Attempting a full-body detox without a plan can be dangerous for your health and ineffective.

The Best Way to Detox Your Body in 14 Days

Some detox programs encourage people to do one cleanse at a time. For example, having a week-long kidney detox followed by liver, pancreas, gallbladder, and so on. However, this approach will take extremely long and it would be generally less effective than a single, focused, full-body detox session.

To cleanse all your systems at the same time, you’ll have to use a variety of supplements as well as change your diet. The most important thing in regards to your meal plan for these two weeks is to completely exclude:

  • Dairy products
  • Sugar (especially refined)
  • Grains (especially those that contain gluten)

Note that as whole grains are one of the essential food groups, you may consume small portions of plain brown rice when detoxing.

The best way to detox your body is to pack it with fiber. This substance literally soaks up toxins and flushes them from your system. Therefore, your main foods for the duration of this program must be fresh fruits and vegetables. Research different types of salads to enjoy for 14 days as variety will help keep your motivation.

You also should include the few foods rich in prebiotics. They are a type of fiber, so you get double benefits when using these foods in your detox program.

Please note the difference in taking probiotic supplements vs. prebiotic foods. Probiotics are great for you and can enhance your digestive health. However, as they are types of lacto bacteria, you should avoid them while cleansing your body. Start taking them after you remove anything unwanted from your gut.

You also shouldn’t forget that the best way to detox your body must always include lots of water. Drink no less than 3 liters of liquid daily as it’s essential to stay hydrated. This will help you not only remove toxins from kidneys. You will also sweat out more intensively, which is another important aspect of a full-body detox. Be sure to work out more so you can sweat.

With these general rules in mind, you can focus on detoxifying different systems in your body. The colon, liver, and kidneys must be your main goals as they are the ones that take the majority of damage.

  • Colon detox.
    Colon Potent Cleanse A thorough colon cleanse is necessary for actually removing all toxins flushed from other systems. Increasing your intake of fiber should improve the regularity of your bowel movements. Therefore, a regular detox diet facilitates colon cleansing by default. However, to enhance it, you should drink more apple+lemon juice. Adding some ground flaxseed to your green smoothies will also be beneficial. To get the best possible results, you can include the Colon Potent Cleanse into your program. One shouldn’t take this supplement for more than 15 days, so it’s perfect for a two-week program.
  • Kidney detox.
    Increasing your water intake should help with detoxing kidneys However, the best results for this particular organ can be achieved only if you include some cranberry into your program. Enjoying cranberry juice or the berries themselves would be very good. If you can’t obtain them, consider taking Cranberry Concentrate.
  • Liver detox.
    A healthy liver detox should include supplements that will help restore the organ as well as flush nasty chemicals from it. Liver Support and Milk Thistle 450mg Complex would be good choices. You should also eat some garlic and beets as both stimulate toxin removal from liver in particular.

The best way to detox your body is to revise your diet and get supportive supplements for the actual cleansing. Be sure to eat balanced meals even while detoxing as starvation is dangerous and will negate health benefits of the program.

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