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Your Guide to Detoxing Kidneys and Liver in a Healthy Way

Detoxing kidneys and liver regularly is essential for maintaining your health because these organs are your natural ‘filters’. This means that they suffer the worst of the damage that comes from toxins, which get inside your body. As the environmental pollution stands now, no one can lead a 100% toxin-free life now, so your natural defenses need all the help they can get.

The trick is that detoxing kidneys and liver the wrong way can be harmful to you. Unbalanced diets and some untested ‘natural remedies’ are a danger in themselves. Therefore, it’s imperative you follow a healthy and sound detoxification guide.

Detoxing Kidneys and Liver: General Guide

  1. Remove toxic products from your diet.
    These include all processed foods, sugar, sodas, and any foods rich in saturated fats. You also should avoid animal products, though dairy is allowed in small amounts. Do not drink any alcohol and avoid or at least cut down your smoking. Kidney detox, in particular, will benefit from a few days of a low-protein diet. This means excluding eggs, fish, and poultry, as well as caffeinated drinks and seafood.
  2. Drink a lot of water and detoxing cocktails.
    You should drink 8 glasses of water per day by default. However, when detoxing kidneys and liver, this amount should go up to at least 10. Make sure a few of those are not plain water, but detoxing drinks, such as pomegranate and/or cranberry juice (for kidneys) and beet and/or carrot juice (for liver).
  3. Switch to a detox diet.
    Maintaining a special diet is essential for effective detoxification. During this program, your main food should be fresh fruits and vegetables. Consume more greens that any other products, and get more carbs from Paleo-friendly grains, like buckwheat and quinoa. Juices and smoothies are good, but they won’t provide you with all necessary nutrients and calories. Be careful not to go overboard with cutting down your proteins and make sure all foods you eat are well washed and cooked when appropriate.
  4. Get extra help from supplements.Liver Support
    Detoxing kidneys and liver goes beyond removing toxic foods so that the organs can cleanse naturally. You need to speed up this process and restore the health of your vitally important ‘natural filters’. Supplements can help with that. Liver Support and Milk Thistle will help protect your liver and promote its natural healing from toxin damage. Kidney Support and Cranberry Concentrate will do the same for kidneys. Be sure to read the labels carefully and pick a combination of products that will benefit you most. Your personal health condition and history matter most in this choice, as well as your diet.

Detoxing Kidneys and Liver: Final Tips

Do not forget that a detox program must be short, not more than 14 days. You should start with 7 and watch how your body reacts. If you develop any pain or other issues, be sure to consult a health care professional immediately.

In case it’s your first ever detox, start with 1-2 days every 3 months. Eventually, you’ll work up to a 14-day program in 6 months. It’s best to go slow as sudden changes to your lifestyle can be dangerous, even if they are changes for the good.

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