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How to Enhance Metabolism Without Risks to Your Health

Learning how to enhance metabolism is essential if you want to lose weight and then stay in the healthy BMI range. Adult obesity rates in the US have been skyrocketing over the last decade and today more than 36% of the country’s population are obese. The desire to lose weight fast pushes many of them to try various unbalanced diets and dubious alternative therapies. The matter of metabolism is a big issue as some of the ‘boosters’ you can find today are outright dangerous. Therefore, it’s essential that you learn which products are a real deal and how to use them right.

How to Enhance Metabolism Step 1: Understand What to Enhance

Metabolism is a name assigned to all chemical processes that go inside your body all the time. In essence, it’s metabolism that keeps you alive. Therefore, thinking of it only in terms of weight loss is wrong, as speeding up all reactions affects your health as a whole.

The process of metabolism is fueled by energy, which you get from food. There is a minimum amount of energy you need in order to function, it’s called BRM, basal metabolic rate. The BRM is affected by your lifestyle, age, size, and health. It can range from 40 to 70% and people with ‘slow metabolism’ are actually those who have lower BRM.

There are also people who have a higher BRM and faster metabolism. Other factors that affect it include genes, gender, and muscle-to-fat ratio. Note that men naturally have a faster metabolism than women. This means that they require a higher calorie intake, which you must consider when planning a weight loss diet.

How to Enhance Metabolism Step 2: Develop a Healthy Meal Plan

The most important thing about any metabolism-affecting diets is to not cut your calories too short. Not getting enough energy will slow down your metabolism as the body will try to minimize its activity. It’s a natural defense mechanism against starvation and the ‘slowing down’ can become dangerous.

In some cases, this might lead to fatigue and dizziness. However, chronic starvation will affect every system in your body, especially the brain as it consumes 25% of all your energy.

To determine the healthy amount of calories in your diet you must calculate how many of them you lose during the day. The ‘rule of thumb’ for weight loss plans is to multiply your weight by 11, but not get less than 1,200 calories.

With your calorie goal in mind, plan your meals using the basic rules of how to eat healthy. This includes:

  • Not skipping breakfast
  • Eating fiber-rich foods
  • Eating at least a serving of legumes daily
  • Excluding fat meats
  • Avoiding junk and fast food

In order to boost your metabolism, you should break your ‘refuels’ into small frequent portions. This means eating about 6 small meals a day instead of 3 big. Your meal plan should also include lots of protein as amino acids require more energy to break down. Therefore, protein-rich foods literally boost your metabolism.

How to Enhance Metabolism Step 3: Get Proper Supplements

If your main goal is to speed up metabolism and you don’t want to risk any dubious drugs to do this, natural dietary supplements offer a good alternative. Depending on the type of product you choose, they can focus on some specific type of chemical reactions.

Options to consider include:

Cinnamon Complex Supplement by Quality Nature
  • Chromium Picolinate 200mcg.
    This supplement helps maintain a healthy sugar metabolism, which prevents dangerous glucose spikes.
  • Cinnamon Complex.
    This is another supplement that helps with sugar metabolism. However, this one has a focus on heart health. Cinnamon contains important antioxidants that boost your immunity and protect arteries.
  • Coconut Oil 1000mg.
    Coconut oil helps with the metabolism of fats, which means cholesterol. Therefore, it’s good for your heart. It also boosts your endurance levels a bit as extra speed to fat metabolism means producing more energy.

Whichever product you choose, don’t forget that to enhance metabolism in a healthy way, you must have a well-balanced plan.

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