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How to Eat Healthy and Enjoy Your Food

Eating healthy is great for your body, but changing your dietary habits might be quite difficult if you don’t go about it the right way. Quite a few people give up before even starting because they believe that healthy diets are bland. However, you can easily enjoy your food while you are at it as there are quite a few amazing recipes for superfoods.

Today we’d like to share our special tips that make getting used to a well-balanced, healthy diet much easier. However, don’t forget that every person is unique, so not all of them may work with equal efficiency. What you need is to try different methods and judge your body’s reactions to them in order to develop a personalized meal plan that would suit you perfectly.

Tip 1: Include healthy superfoods into your regular dishes

First of all, don’t try to make this change in a single go as this would put your body under a lot of stress and might make you lose your motivation. Instead, try to gradually make your favorite dishes healthier by replacing or adding ‘super’ ingredients.

For example, include leafy greens in your smoothies, salads, and even pizzas. Try putting a few greens on every sandwich to help you get used to the taste. Increase their amount gradually, switching to all-green smoothies and other healthy recipes.

Tip 2: Change your cooking methods

The way we prepare our food is the #1 reason that makes most of our dishes unhealthy. Therefore, switching from frying and deep-frying to steaming and roasting would make a huge difference right away.

This would also allow you to enjoy your favorite dishes, albeit cooked a little differently. Roasting, in particular, would be a fantastic alternative as it gives the dishes a delightful taste. Steaming is a good way to go for vegetables, but it might take some adjustment for your taste buds. Solve this problem by using spices and sauces to enhance the flavor.

Tip 3: Load up on spices

Getting used to a healthy diet is so hard because unhealthy foods usually taste much better. At least, it seems this way at the beginning. However, you can make any dish flavorful with the addition of spices.

Doing this also gives you the extra benefit of enhancing the nutritional value of your meal, because spices are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. In fact, herbs like cinnamon and turmeric have such potent health benefits that there are dietary supplements based on them, like Cinnamon Complex by Nature’s Potent.

Tip 4: Allow yourself regulated cheats

Most humans are contrary creatures that strive to rebel whenever they are denied the right to do something. It doesn’t really matter whether it’s for their own good or not as many people just hate to be oppressed, even if it’s by their own choices.

Therefore, denying yourself a chance to eat ‘bad’ foods all the time can be a challenge too much for maintaining your motivation to eat healthy. However, if you allow yourself some leeway, for example, one ‘cheat meal’ a week, you’ll remove the oppressive psychological pressure of your choice. You might not even use this ‘right’ once you get accustomed to your new diet, but having this ‘freedom’ is important on the emotional level.

Tip 5: Get extra nutrients from supplements

Omega 3 EPA/DHA

There are some nutrients that a healthy diet must have, but you may not wish to get them from food for personal reasons. For example, vegans might have a hard time getting their iron and cannot get vitamin B12 from food at all.

In some cases, these nutritional issues can be resolved with supplements. If the food giving you most issues is fish, you can get the essential fatty acids it brings from Nature’s Potent Omega 4 EPA/DHA. In case you need more bone-strengthening elements but you don’t eat dairy products, Potent Bone might solve the problem.

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