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Effects of Melatonin Pills on Sleep, Body, and Hormones

Effects of melatonin pills are focused on your sleep cycle. This supplement contains the hormone your body uses to control it. Many factors affect the natural production of melatonin, which is why people sometimes need to get it via pills. However, one must be careful when taking this supplement and use it wisely to avoid negative side effects.

Effects of Melatonin Pills on Sleep Cycles

In essence, melatonin produced by your body is what makes you have a sleep cycle at all. Its natural production increases around 11 pm and falls down around 3 am. The process is actually triggered by the darkness and the level of the hormone is low during daytime sure to light.

This is how the process of melatonin synthesis and your sleep cycle action must go in theory. However, real life with its glaring lights, round-the-clock shifts, and jet lag interferes with this hormone production.

When your body doesn’t produce melatonin when it should, it can’t relax as it should with the help of this ‘sleep hormone’. As a result, your body can’t get proper rest. This results in stress and can cause a variety of dangerous issues.

If you know why healthy sleep matters, you should be able to understand just how important melatonin is for your body. This means that you should do your best to ensure you have a healthy level of it at the right times.

Understanding the Effects of Melatonin Pills

Melatonin supplements provide you with the hormone that your body won’t or can’t produce naturally. Note that they contain a larger amount of melatonin than your body would have synthesized on its own. However, like with all foods and supplements, you must understand that you don’t actually absorb 100% of what’s stated on the label.

The effects of melatonin pills are similar to natural melatonin, so they must be taken at specific times to help you maintain a consistent sleep cycle. You also must understand that any sleep aid, no matter how safe and effective, should be allowed to become your ‘crutch’.

If you suffer from insomnia, use our special tips for getting a good sleep. You also need to consult your doctor if the problem doesn’t go away as insomnia can be a symptom of some serious health problems.

However, if you are just too stressed, busy with work, or jet lagged, the effects of melatonin pills might be exactly what you need. These supplements are especially effective in the age of electric lights.

You must understand that the natural level of melatonin production goes down drastically when you are surrounded by lights. Even playing on your phone reduces the level of this ‘sleep hormone’. As a result, you might experience difficulties with falling asleep even if you actually go to bed. Note that it’s one of the many reasons why nightlights in kids’ rooms aren’t a good idea.

The natural rates of melatonin production respond to seasonal changes as well. So you naturally have less of it in summer than you do in winter. This might be a problem for people living in the areas nearer the poles, where the difference between daytime and nighttime can be drastic.


The effects of melatonin pills, like Melatonin 3mg from Nature’s Potent, can help smooth out many of the problems caused by the shifts in the natural hormone synthesis. However, you must be careful to avoid the common mistakes of taking melatonin for sleep.

The most important are to follow the instructions and consult your doctor about the supplement and any sleep problems you have. A few days of jet lag or difficulties caused by all-nighters for a project can be dealt with effectively. However, if the problem becomes chronic, you must consult a professional as lack of sleep will affect your health as a whole.

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