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5 Mistakes to Avoid While Taking Melatonin for Sleep

In recent years, taking melatonin for sleep has become known as an ultimate option. Scientists are also exploring the possibilities of using it for treating seasonal affective disorder (SAD), helping to take care of the sleep patterns of people who work at night, and also diminishing the amount of sleeping problems after surgery.

However, there are numerous false ideas about it that are widespread. Even though our bodies produce this hormone naturally, taking the supplement should be thought-through. Discover five main misconceptions to make sure that you use it effectively and harmlessly.

Top 5 Misconceptions about the Usage of Melatonin for Sleep

  • It is a natural sleeping pill.

In reality, it does not cause sleep, but it gives your brain a signal that it is time to get ready to sleep. Natural melatonin levels rise as it gets darker and remain high for about 12 hours. So, taking a supplement can be efficient if you take it in the evening. However, it can also damage your health if you take it during the day. Do not expect to fall asleep if you take melatonin at some time other for when it is getting dark.

  • The duration of its intake does not matter.

If you take the supplement for more than two weeks, you risk disrupting your circadian rhythm and causing additional issues. Melatonin is effective as a note to our body that it is time to fall asleep. It can also help shift circadian and sleep rhythms. After two weeks of taking melatonin, you need to stop and let your body function on its own. If you continue to face sleeping problems, contact your doctor immediately.

  • It can do no harm.

Even though melatonin is a natural supplement, it can be harmful. If you use it during the day, for example, you risk damaging your health. There have been examples of depression cases due to melatonin intake during the day. Therefore, make sure to stick to the right timing.

  • It is an ultimate solution to your sleeping issues.

Stress and unstable sleeping routines are the main reasons for abnormal melatonin levels in human bodies. You need to reduce your level of stress, stick to a sleeping routine and use melatonin for sleep as an aid. However, relying on supplements only is a mistake. Also, you may have a much more serious sleeping problem, which melatonin cannot cure. It is very important to visit a doctor and get a consultation to be sure of your situation.

  • It is necessary to keep on taking melatonin for sleep.

If you notice great results while using the supplement, it does not mean that the problem will come back after you stop. A huge advantage of choosing a melatonin supplement instead of sleeping pills is that it helps restore healthy sleep patterns. The results of its work must remain even after the course.

  • All supplements are the same.

Melatonin is Melatonina natural hormone, but supplements can drastically differ from one another. It is important to choose your supplement carefully to avoid any potential harm. Nature`s Potent Melatonin is a high quality product, that you can rely on. It is Pharmaceutical Grade and manufactured in FDA Inspected Facilities in USA.

You should be ready to experience such side effects as intense dreams at night, blood pressure change, decreased body temperature, sleepiness and slight weakness in the mornings.

If you face short-term sleeping issues, taking melatonin for sleep can be a great solution. Make sure to contact your healthcare provider before making any decisions and stick to the given recommendations.

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