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Effective Diet to Eliminate Candida: Foods and Supplements

Following a diet to eliminate candida will help people suffering from candidiasis deal with their problem in a natural and effective manner. This type of fungal infection is extremely common and doesn’t require a specialized pharmaceutical treatment unless it becomes severe. Everyone has some amount of the candida fungus living inside their bodies, and it causes health problems only if its growth gets out of control. Special foods and supplements can help manage these bacteria and ensure they don’t start invading your mucous membranes.

Once it festers enough to show visible symptoms, candidiasis usually occurs in the mouth, ears, nose, or vagina. The signs of this problem include whitish, foul-smelling secretions that look reminiscent of cottage cheese gone bad. These signs might be minimal or don’t appear at all, which is why candidiasis often goes undiagnosed with its other symptoms contributed to different health conditions.

A thorough candida cleanse achieved with a special diet and supplements is akin to a colon detox. You can do it occasionally to prevent any problems with candida or to deal with them if they are currently unnoticed.

Diet to Eliminate Candida: Foods to Include

  • Non-starchy vegetables.
    Starch feeds the fungus, so non-starchy vegetables must be the main food group of an anti-candida diet. Green leafy veggies would be best as they are extremely rich in essential nutrients and antioxidants. These foods also possess anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, which help fight the fungal infection.

  • Coconut oil.
    Make coconut oil your main cooking oil, at least for the duration of the cleansing program. However, once you see the health benefits it offers, you’ll definitely want to stick with it in the future. Coconut oil contains healthy fats and is an extremely potent antibacterial solution. It can even be applied to skin directly as a natural beauty remedy to fight acne and irritation.

  • Pro-Biotic 30 Billion CFU

    Fermented foods.
    Fermented foods include yogurt, kefir, kimichi, and sauerkraut. These products help maintain the
    health of gastrointestinal microflora by providing you with probiotics. Note that probiotic supplements, like Pro-Biotic 30 or Ultra 60 Probiotic, can help restore the health of your digestive tract post cleanse. However, taking them during active cleansing will reduce their efficiency.

  • Ginger.
    Adding ginger to your meals is always a good idea because it’s a very potent anti-inflammatory agent. It improves your wellbeing and helps fight any type of infection naturally.

  • Honey.
    Honey is another effective anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agent. However, remember that it’s also full of sugar, so you should only consume it in moderation.

  • Tea.
    Green tea is a great antioxidant drink that improves the health of your gut and helps eliminate harmful bacteria all over the body. Black tea is often considered inferior and it’s true that this beverage has fewer antioxidants and more caffeine. However, the type of tannins this type of tea contains have been found particularly effective in fighting the candida fungus.

Diet to Eliminate Candida: Foods to Avoid

  • Sugar.
    White sugar, in particular, is a ‘food’ for the fungus and often the main cause of candidiasis.

  • Grains.
    Grains also contain lots of sugar and other elements the fungus feeds on, so they must be avoided during your candida cleanse.

  • Alcohol.
    Alcohol also contains sugar and it deals a lot of damage to the gut microflora, kidneys, and liver. In essence, liquor creates the perfect conditions for the fungal infection to spread.

  • Dairy products.
    Dairy foods are actually bad for the gut health because they are too fat and hard to digest. They also provide ‘fuel’ for candida.

Candida Complex

Do Candida Cleanse Supplements Help?

Candida cleanse supplements can help control the level of this fungus in the body. They contain a variety of extracts that have the same anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects as anti-candida foods, but are more potent. Taking a supplement, like Candida Complex, during a detox will increase the efficiency of the program as a whole.

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