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Chromium as a Dietary Supplement: Benefits and Uses

Taking chromium as a dietary supplement is becoming a popular trend today, which isn’t surprising. According to the American Diabetes Association, there were over 29 million people in the US suffering from diabetes in 2012 (9.3% of the entire population). Even more worrying is the fact that 86 million of people have a pre-diabetes condition. In this light, chromium supplements with their ability to help control blood sugar levels are truly invaluable.

Chromium as a Dietary Supplement: How It Works

Chromium is one of the essential minerals that your body requires to function properly. Its main role is assisting with the metabolism of food, which is why it helps control the blood sugar level. This element is present in many foods and even cooking in stainless steel pots and pans can help get some of it into your body.

Due to its natural abundance in nature and a relatively low need for this element in the human body, chromium deficiency is rare. However, people suffering from or at a major risk of developing diabetes are also at risk of suffering from this deficiency. This happens because of the complicated biochemical processes involved in the glucose metabolism, which don’t work right in people with these conditions.

In essence, chromium’s main function is assisting the body in transforming glucose into energy and removing it from the blood as well as metabolizing fats, proteins, and carbs. Because of this, incorporating chromium as a dietary supplement into a diabetic’s diet can help manage their condition more effectively.

Chromium Supplements: Benefits

Aside from controlling the blood sugar levels, increasing your intake of chromium by taking a supplement can assist you with:

  • Reduce the risk of glaucoma.
    This matter is still under research and it’s impossible to say that chromium can be used as a treatment for this particular condition. However, it’s currently believed that a deficiency of this element is one of the major risk factors for developing glaucoma.
  • Build up muscle.
    As chromium supplements literally boost the energy metabolism, they can be incorporated into a fitness program. They will help your body metabolize fats faster thus, boosting the natural rate of muscle growth.
  • Protect your bones.
    Chromium doesn’t have much involvement in bone health, unlike calcium and magnesium, which matter greatly for osteoporosis prevention. The latter elements literally make up the bone and are vital for maintaining its strength and integrity. However, chromium reduces the risk of calcium loss. This element is very difficult for the body to absorb and use. Therefore, a product that helps keep it within your system can be considered one of the supplements for bone support.

How to Take Chromium as a Dietary Supplement

 Chromium Picolinate supplement

First of all, you must choose a chromium supplement of a high quality so that you can be sure in its safety. Chromium Picolinate 200mcg from Nature’s Potent is produced using top-notch equipment and the best materials to ensure that the product is both safe and effective.

The dose of the mineral in every capsule is small enough to prevent any negative side effects, yet large enough to provide you with the maximum benefits of this supplementation. Note that consuming too much chromium can cause a mild negative reaction from the digestive tract. Therefore, you should always follow instructions and only take one capsule a day. This will complement a well-balanced healthy diet.

Chromium picolinate is a form of the mineral that is the easiest for the body to absorb and process. This means that you’ll get max benefits from the supplement. There haven’t been any reported cases of chromium interacting with any medications, but you should always consult your healthcare provider before taking a dietary supplement.

People, who take drugs to lower their blood sugar levels, must be very careful when planning for chromium supplements in their diet so as not to bring the glucose level too low.

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