Why Calcium & Magnesium Matter for Osteoporosis Prevention

Why Calcium & Magnesium Matter for Osteoporosis Prevention

Osteoporosis is a disease caused by the deterioration of bone. As we age, our bones literally become more brittle because their structure changes. In simple terms, osteoporosis is a sped-up version of this process.

Of course, the exact mechanics of this disease are much more complicated, but this is the basic explanation used by different organizations that aim to increase osteoporosis awareness. Its only drawback is that it doesn’t highlight how extremely dangerous this condition is. According to statistics, it affects over 40 million Americans. Suffering from osteoporosis increases the risk of fractures by 75% at the very least. The rate of hip and spine fractures is the highest for people suffering or predisposed to this disease. In the vast majority of cases, these two types of fractures result in disability or death. A complete recovery is almost impossible. This is how dangerous osteoporosis is.

Prevention is the most effective form of treatment where this disease is concerned, because it’s much easier to slow down the rate of deterioration than to rebuild bone density. Another important fact we learn from various sources that spread the information about this disease is the fact that calcium is the key mineral that affects bone density, therefore, increasing its intake is essential for osteoporosis treatment. It’s also vital to ensure a healthy intake of calcium on a daily basis from the first day of one’s life to reduce the chances of osteoporosis. Those with a genetic predisposition may require extra doses during the time their bone structure goes through the active growth stage (pre-adolescent years).

Is Calcium the Cure?

The importance of calcium for osteoporosis treatment cannot be underestimated. However, one important fact that is often overlooked is that calcium alone cannot help combat this disease. Today it’s also well-known that vitamin D plays an important part in this process, because it’s an essential instrument necessary for calcium absorption. However, the role of magnesium in this process is often overlooked.

Numerous studies prove that this is a huge mistake as magnesium is just as important for bone density as calcium. In fact, taking one without the other does not only reduce the efficiency of the treatment, but might actually harm your body.

Magnesium matters for bone density because about 60% of this mineral in our body is stored within the bones. It’s responsible for a part of the bone formation process. Note that magnesium affects every stage of this process and is instrumental in every other process within our bodies that is related to bones. This element affects the production and efficiency of numerous enzymes, which means that magnesium deficiency weakens your body on many levels.

Magnesium is directly connected to calcium and osteoporosis because it regulates the enzymes that are responsible for the absorption of calcium. Therefore, hypomagnesemia (deficiency) always leads to hypocalcemia. Taking an increased dose of calcium will not help to overcome this particular block, which is why Calcium & Magnesium is the right solution to use in your osteoporosis prevention program.

This product contains both essential minerals that help one another to be absorbed and processed by your body and increase bone density. Taking this supplement from a young age, as well as maintaining a well-balanced diet and exercising, are the best practices that can help you prevent osteoporosis and reduce the negative effects of this disease.

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