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Benefits of Taking Saw Palmetto for Men

The most important benefits of taking saw palmetto for men are reduced prostate inflammation and hair loss prevention. The effects of this special plant on prostate and testosterone levels in the body are the reasons why it’s such an effective natural remedy. People have been using the fruits of this small palm tree for centuries.

The plant itself is quite extraordinary. It grows very slowly, so there aren’t many saw palmetto (Serenoa repens) trees around. However, the ones that do exist date back for over 700 years. At least, this is what the botanists of Florida believe.

Nature’s Potent Saw Palmetto

The Nature’s Potent Saw Palmetto supplement provides you with an infusion of a pure extract made from different parts of the plant, including berries. This means that the product is more potent than the average saw palmetto supplements. Other benefits of taking Saw Palmetto from Nature’s Potent include

  • Quality guarantee as all Nature’s Potent products are manufactured in compliance with the GMP standards. Our facility is registered with the FDA and every product is tested by an independent outside source to prove its quality and potency.
  • Quick and efficient delivery provided by reliable services. We’ll ship your package as fast as possible to ensure you receive your supplements and start taking them immediately.
  • Pure saw palmetto extract produced from the plant and nothing else. Nature’s Potent guarantees that the extract is completely free of any dangerous toxins. It also doesn’t contain GMO and offers the maximum potency of saw palmetto.

Taking Saw Palmetto for Prostate Health and Cancer Prevention

In regards to prostate health, saw palmetto extract is most often used to treat BPH (benign prostate hyperplasia). This condition is characterized by an enlargement of the prostate gland not related to cancer. As the gland is located along the urinary tract in males, its change in size results in several highly unpleasant symptoms:

  • Frequent urination
  • Pain and other difficulties during urination

It’s very common for men suffering from BPH to have a constant urge to “go”, which causes a great amount of discomfort. Reducing prostate to its normal size is the key to relieving these symptoms, and that’s exactly what taking saw palmetto extract does.

There are several studies on the efficiency of using this herb as a BPH treatment. The current evidence is considered inconclusive because the studies are limited in time (none lasted longer than 3 months). However, there is substantial evidence that shows the effects of saw palmetto are comparable to the medications used for treating this problem.

Unlike the official anti-BPH drugs, saw palmetto extract can reduce the size of your prostate gland without affecting libido. In fact, the effects of taking saw palmetto on testosterone levels are very positive. One of the pleasant ‘side effects’ of this in improved sexual function. This particular effect of the herb is augmented by the fact that it helps reduce inflammation in the prostate.

No research can conclusively state that taking saw palmetto extract prevents prostate cancer. However, it’s a fact that a healthy prostate is less likely to develop this extremely dangerous condition. By reducing inflammation in a safe and natural way, as well as controlling your testosterone levels, saw palmetto helps keep your prostate healthy.

Taking Saw Palmetto for Hair Loss Treatment in Men

Saw palmetto supplemtntMen can benefit not only from the positive effect of saw palmetto on prostate health. The ability of this plant to influence the testosterone levels is the reason why it can effectively fight against male hair loss.

This particular effect works through several complicated biochemical reactions. Saw palmetto extract contains elements that can naturally inhibit the synthesis of 5-alpha reductase. It’s an enzyme, which transforms testosterone into DHT (dihydrotestosterone). The former is a male hormone, but the latter is the so-called androgen hormone.

DHT is a very important hormone for overall male development and health. However, fluctuations in its levels are one of the main reasons for hair loss as well as a variety male health issues (BPH included).

Taking saw palmetto extract regularly can help your body normalize the level of testosterone and DHT. This results in reduced hair loss and a general boost to male health.

Please note that although testosterone levels can be a contributing factor in female alopecia, saw palmetto might not be effective against it. To learn how to treat hair loss in young women, you will have to consult a professional. Diagnosing the cause of the problem usually requires taking specialized blood tests to determine which hormones are ‘out of line’.

Other Benefits of Taking Saws Palmetto: Asthma, Weight Loss, and More

The anti-inflammatory effect of saw palmetto extract makes it an effective helper in the treatment of various conditions. It’s particularly effective against respiratory system diseases, such as asthma, cough, sore throat, and bronchitis.

Some people take it for relieving chronic aches, especially chronic pelvic pain syndrome. These effects are, most likely, also caused by the overall anti-inflammatory effect of the herb. Due to this and its mild diuretic effect, saw palmetto extract is getting more popular as a natural remedy against urinary tract diseases.

The positive influence of the herb’s extract on the prostate and testosterone levels is often associated with an improved libido. Note that saw palmetto isn’t an aphrodisiac in the traditional sense of the word. This supplement doesn’t stimulate one’s sexual function and drive. However, it helps to return them to a healthy level.

More efficient regulation of testosterone benefits body weight. As saw palmetto extract reduces the body’s ability to convert testosterone, you get more of it inside your systems. This particular hormone helps control body weight, although it won’t ‘burn the fat off’.

The good news is that taking saw palmetto should boost your energy levels as well as generally improve your mood. This means that it will be easier to find and retain your motivation for following a weight management program.

Does Saw Palmetto Have Side Effects?

Taking saw palmetto has no reported dangerous side effects. The only known issues this supplement can cause are mild digestive problems (diarrhea, nausea, etc.) and slight dizziness. These symptoms are mild and exceedingly rare. There are also two reported cases of liver damage, which is assumed to tie back to saw palmetto supplements. However, there isn’t enough evidence supporting this claim. No dangerous side effects for liver or other organs have been noticed in any official studies.

Note that saw palmetto being safe doesn’t mean you should embrace self-treatment and start taking it for your BPH. It’s essential to consult your current healthcare provider before you start taking this or any other supplement. You also must know that saw palmetto extract might interact with Warfarin and some other blood thinners. It’s vitally important to discuss taking this supplement with your doctor before and after any surgery.

Women, who choose to take saw palmetto, must be aware that its effects on hormones might reduce the efficiency of oral contraceptives.

When Should You Start Taking Saw Palmetto from Nature’s Potent?

Taking saw palmetto is a choice that should be discussed with your doctor, especially if you want to use it for BPH treatment. The extract of this plant is extremely potent and efficient in the way it affects prostate. This means that it can boost the effects of medications designed for treating some conditions.

Whether saw palmetto can replace drugs completely or simply needs to be used for extra effect is a decision that one should never make without a professional consultation.

If you choose to start taking saw palmetto extract, Nature’s Potent product would be the best choice. You can be 100% sure in the quality of this supplement and we guarantee that every capsule contains nothing but the natural plant extract. Nature’s Potent Saw Palmetto contains the extract in its most natural form. This means that it provides maximum benefits coming from the Mother Nature itself. The supplement also contains beta-sitosterol, which increases its benefits due to plant sterols.

Take one capsule of Saw Palmetto daily to achieve the best results. Don’t forget that any supplement should be used only with a healthy diet.

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