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Asthma Relief Without Medication: When Is It Possible?

You can achieve asthma relief without medication when your condition is mild and you use natural remedies to manage it. There are currently over 24.6 million people diagnosed with asthma in the US. The number is actually higher if you consider that many people are either undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. Those suffering from this condition spend millions on medications, which cause a variety of dangerous side effects. Natural treatments and some changes in lifestyle can help cut down those costs a bit. However, one must understand when using those methods will be appropriate and when not medicating is a threat.

Asthma Relief Without Medication: Studies

There are two major studies into the treatment of asthma that help understand the efficiency (or lack thereof) of medicating for this condition. They cover two major types of situations when regular asthma drugs are either unnecessary or ineffective:

  • People with mild asthma can control symptoms without daily steroids.
    This article from the BMJ Publishing Group collates data from a variety of studies that basically boil down to a simple fact that mild asthma doesn’t require daily medication. Patients with this condition have shown that their quality of life can remain the same if they only use an inhaler during the onset of symptoms. To them, practices of asthma relief without medication are effective therapies that reduce the need for drugs. Mastering those methods helps save money and protect one’s health from the negative side effects of steroids.
  • Difficult-to-treat asthma, is it really difficult?
    This piece of research brings attention to a very interesting problem. The difficult-to-treat asthma (DTA) is a valid diagnosis used by doctors quite often. However, the author proves that only a small fraction of those cases (5-10%) are truly ‘untreatable’. In the majority of other cases, the difficulties in treatment are caused by misdiagnosis, complications from other conditions, non-adherence with treatment regulations, or genuine lack of response to drugs. The latter can vary in severity depending on the cause. Asthma relief without medication is possible for the majority of these patients if they address their unique issues.

Asthma Relief Without Medication: Methods

  • Switching to an anti-inflammatory healthy diet.
    Eating best foods for the immune system, such as coconut oil and citrus fruits will definitely help. However, you’ll need to include more anti-inflammatory agents, like ginger, Brazilian nuts (contain selenium), and yellow fruits (vitamin A).
  • Taking the right supplements.
    Nature’s Potent Vitamin B6The most important supplements for people suffering from asthma are Vitamin B-6 and Omega 3 EPA/DHA. Omega 3 fatty acids help control and reduce inflammation. Taking vitamin B6 is associated with less frequent morning wheezing episodes in steroid-dependent asthmatics.
  • Exercising your lungs.
    Some people can achieve asthma relief without medication if they literally train their lungs to be stronger. Exercises that might help with this are blowing up balloons or blowing out candles. Swimming also seems to help with ‘training’ lungs. However, it’s imperative to only perform those ‘exercises’ with the approval of your doctor. Swimming, in particular, requires careful monitoring as an asthma attack in a pool might turn deadly in seconds.
  • Practicing yoga.
    There might not be much use from yoga for weight loss. However, this practice relies on controlled breathing and meditation. Both are vital for learning how to control your lungs better as well as giving them capacity to struggle against asthma. Staying calm and controlling your breathing are essential factors for going through an asthma attack if you are ever caught without an inhaler. Regular yoga practice allows you to get the skills necessary to survive in this situation.

Asthma relief without medication is achievable, but only when your condition allows for it. Please, never forget that asthma is an extremely dangerous condition. It’s perfectly acceptable to use various natural practices to get some relief when your condition allows. However, if the attack turns serious, be sure to use your inhaler and seek medical help.

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