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5 Heart Health Support Tips for Seniors

Aging is an inevitable process and it’s a sad truth that our health doesn’t get better with the passing years. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t fight the time and keep your body, and especially heart, strong. Our special heart health support tips for seniors would help you achieve this goal and benefit your wellbeing as a whole.

Change Your Fats

Everyone knows that eating fatty foods is bad, especially for the heart. However, human beings need some fat in their diet. The important thing is to consume the right kind of fat. Cutting down on the saturated variety, which is prevalent in the traditional American diet, would help keep your arteries clean and your heart strong, as well as benefit the rest of your systems by extension.

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You should avoid fat cuts of meat and all products that have words ‘partially hydrogenated’ or ‘hydrogenated’ on the package. Full-fat dairy products are also not good in the fat department.

Most importantly, you should replace your cooking fats. The healthiest variety in this case would be coconut oil or, at the very least, cold-pressed virgin olive oil. In a perfect case scenario, it’s best to give up fried foods altogether. Taking the Coconut Oil supplement may also help.

Start the Right Kind of Exercise

Yoga may not be the best exercise for weight loss, but it definitely is a fantastic workout for seniors and heart health in general. It doesn’t overstrain your body, yet it gets the blood flowing and improves stamina. It also does wonders for the balance, which is essential for seniors who are at a higher risk of falling.

Another type of exercise that would be good for your heart is jogging. Be sure to do it at your own pace, even if you never progress over a brisk trot. Walking is a good alternative to this exercise, so be sure to have at least one tour around the neighborhood park a day.

Control Blood Pressure Through Happiness

Hypertension is a precursor of stroke and heart attack and an extremely dangerous condition on its own. Therefore, controlling your blood pressure is vital for everyone, and more so for the seniors.

You must consult a doctor in regards to this issue and they would prescribe you medication if it’s necessary. However, high blood pressure is such a condition that it can’t be fully controlled by drugs, and it’s closely connected to our emotional state.

This means that being calm and happy literally helps you prevent blood pressure elevation, so that’s what you should aim for. The state of calmness can be achieved through regular meditation, and your yoga practice would help as well.

Happiness, on the other hand, is often harder to find. Try dedicating more time to doing the things you love, and especially to communicating with your precious people. Note that according to numerous studies, leading an active social life reduces the risk of dementia and is generally associated with better health. Having a hobby, or several, would be equally beneficial and can even help you cope with readjusting to the life after retirement.

Sleep Well

Sleep deprivation is a blow to heart health, but seniors often have problems with insomnia. Try dealing with this by drinking calming herbal teas (chamomile and lavender) as well as meditating. There are some specialized yoga practices for better sleep, so talk to your trainer about this.

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A short walk before bed might be a good idea, but only if the circumstances allow it. Be sure to avoid drugs and self-medication as both can be dangerous.

Get the Right Supplements

Even when leading a healthy lifestyle, seniors require more help in order to support their heart health. A well-balanced diet is a start, but you’ll get better results when it’s augmented with efficient products, such as CoQ10 120mg or Krill Oil 500mg
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