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5 Clever Tips to Help You Drink More Water

5 Clever Tips to Help You Drink More Water

Everyone should drink more water as the majority of people don’t meet the quota of 8 glasses per day. As staying hydrated is vital for your health, you can try these simple tips in order to make sure you don’t forget about your fluids.

  1. Install an app that’ll remind you to drink more water.
    If you are one of the millions of people who check their smartphone every few minutes, this would be the most efficient way. There are specialized mobile apps that will provide regular reminders when you need to make a few gulps of liquid. Some of them are quite sophisticated and will help you develop a personalized ‘hydration plan’ based on your weight, diet, and heath condition.

  2. Buy an attractive water bottle.
    You should always take some water with you so that you have it on hand when the ‘drinking time’ comes. Carrying around a cool bottle that you truly like will ensure that you don’t forget about your liquids intake. Today you can even get a bottle with time-markings that will tell you when you should use it. This would be a good alternative ‘reminder’ to those who don’t use smartphone apps.

  3. Make your water tasty.
    One of the main issues that prevent people from consuming a healthy amount of water daily is that the liquid is bland, so you don’t really want to have much of it. Juices and teas are also liquids, but you can’t ingest too many cups of them because of sugar and caffeine respectively. However, you can easily make your water more delicious and even increase tits natural health benefits by infusing it with some fruits or veggies. Put a few slices of lemon and some berries into your water bottle and get a light antioxidant cocktail. Water with fresh mint and cucumbers is a great cooling drink for the summer. Infusing your water with ginger root or other plant foods for the immune system will help you get through the flu season.

  4. Eat a portion of your water.
    Some foods are so rich in this life-giving liquid, they can serve as a substitute for a few glasses of it. Watermelons and cucumbers are the best in this regard, but you can also get substantial amounts of water from uncooked zucchinis, cherries, tomatoes, citrus fruits, and cauliflower. A good ‘water planner’ app will help you work out how much liquid you get from food so that you know how many glasses you need to drink per day.

  5. Treat water as an appetizer.
    Drinking some water before a meal does not only help ‘kickstart’ your stomach, but also makes you feel more full. It’ one of the cheat tricks you can use when trying to lose weight. Considering the general benefits of staying hydrated and positive effect of it on your metabolism, you definitely should drink more water in order to become a slimmer and healthier person.

Why You Should Drink More Water Every Day

Human bodies contain a huge amount of water. In fact, one could say that over 60% of our bodies is liquid of some kind. Therefore, maintaining the healthy level of hydration is as important for a human as breathing.

We lose water every second, mostly through sweating and urination. This is why one should always drink more after physical exertion or when it’s hot as you’ll need to make up for the extra-loss of liquid.

Not drinking enough water can affect every system, but the kidneys and joints are usually the first to react. The urinary tract won’t be able to efficiently remove toxins without a constant flow of liquid and joints require a lot of it for lubrication. Therefore, consuming your 8 glasses of H2O daily is a must if you want to keep your body strong.

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