Weight Loss Mistakes to Be Avoided

Weight Loss Mistakes to Be Avoided

The theory of weight loss is extremely simple. Burn more calories that you eat and you will lose the extra weight. This is what is written on every diet blog out there, but if everything is so simple, why can’t millions of people succeed?

If this ‘formula’ is taken at face value, replacing soda with water and adding 15 minutes to your morning workout should do the trick and give you the body of your dreams in a few months. However, if you are one of the thousands of people who follow a strict diet and do all the necessary exercises without seeing any results, you start to wonder. Is it just you? Is the diet wrong? Is the exercise not efficient?

The truth is that the weight loss mechanism is not as simple as the sellers of ‘100% success guaranteed weight loss’ programs make it out to be. There are a great number of factors that affect one’s changes at success in shedding extra pounds. Some of them, like genetics, are way beyond your control. However, quite a few of the ‘mistakes’ that we do every day contribute to this as well.

The most common factors that can prevent you from losing weight and are within your power to change are:

  • You skip breakfast.
    Despite the fact that the ‘do not miss breakfast’ rule has been spreading due to the efforts of healthy eating advocates, quite a few diets that supposedly provide great results instruct you to skip this meal or make it as small as possible.
    Missing the first meal of the day means that not only will you get hungry earlier, but you will also have a very low level of energy. This, complemented with the stress from work, will wreak havoc on your body as a whole.
    The healthy way: Eat a breakfast packed with fiber and proteins about an hour after you wake up.
  • Eating too close to bedtime.
    Missing dinnertime is common today as all of us are so busy at work. However, nibbling on something when you come back home exhausted and falling asleep 30 minutes later reduces your chances to lose weight even if you lead an otherwise healthy lifestyle.
    This meal will stimulate your body, increasing its temperature as well as the levels of insulin and blood sugar. You may not have trouble falling asleep when you are exhausted, but your body’s natural ability to burn off fat will be reduced.
    The healthy way: Eat your dinner at least 3 hours before going to bed and DO NOT SNACK after dinner.

  • When you are stressed out, your body works in the ‘danger close’ mode, which prompts it to store more fat. This is a formula genetically programmed in all of us, so stressing out over not losing weight actually impedes your ability to lose weight.
    The healthy way: Relax regularly and take up yoga and meditation. Both these practices will help relieve stress and increase your chances of successful and healthy weight loss.

In Conclusion

Losing extra pounds is a difficult task that requires a complex approach. Switching to a healthy lifestyle, exercising regularly, and eating a healthy diet are the most efficient weight loss methods. You can achieve even better results by complementing your fat burning program with safe and effective supplements, like Garcinia Cambogia. This product will enable your body to burn off fat cells faster and impede the production on new ones.

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