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Vitamin B12 Pills Benefits for Vegans and Vegetarians

There are many vitamin B12 pills benefits for vegans, vegetarians, and virtually everyone else. The most important of them is that supplements make sure that you actually get some of this essential nutrient. Vitamin B12 is hard to absorb and one can only get it from animal foods. Therefore, taking B12 pills is the most effective way to get this element.

List of Vitamin B12 Pills Benefits:

  • Anemia prevention.
    Vitamin B12 is one of the elements necessary for the creation of new red blood cells. Note that being deficient in this element does not only mean that you have fewer blood cells. This condition causes your body to generate deficient ones. They are different in shape and cannot carry oxygen as they should. The condition caused by this problem is called megaloblastic anemia.
  • Brain health promotion.
    One of the most important vitamin B12 pills benefits is the fact that they can help control the levels of homocysteine. This amino acid builds up in your body and increases the risk of dementia and other types of brain degeneration. All B vitamins help manage the levels of this substance and therefore protect your brain. However, while it’s rather easy to get the majority of these elements from one’s diet, vegans are at a disadvantage. As there are no plant foods that contain vitamin B12, vegans, and many vegetarians, can rely only on supplementation.
  • Energy levels boost.
    Like all B vitamins, B12 takes part in the conversion of carbohydrates into energy. It also has the added function of improving the function of some neurotransmitters. They carry signals to your muscles and help your muscles not to tire out fast. Taking vitamin B12 supplements is the surest way to have a healthy level of this element and energy at all times.
  • Depression and anxiety relief.
    Taking vitamin B12 pills benefits people suffering from stress-induced anxiety and depression. This element takes part in the process of SAM synthesis. SAM (S-adenosyl methionine) is a compound that affects your mood and the way your body deals with stress.

Why Choose Vitamin B12 Pills over Food?

Vegans and the majority of vegetarians don’t have a choice but to opt for the vitamin B12 pills benefits. Food sources of this element are meat, fish, and dairy. Note that the cattle must be grass-fed to have high levels of B12 in its meat/milk.

You also must understand that it’s not only people on a plant-based diet who can’t get their B12 fix from food. Alcoholism, smoking, digestive disorders, and even unbalanced meal plan all reduce the level of B12 absorption. Alcohol, in particular, is one of the main threats to your ability to absorb and retain this nutrient. Pregnant and nursing women, as well as the elderly, also are at risk of vitamin B12 deficiency.

Vitamin B-12 from Nature’s Potent

The problem is that food sources of this element have it ‘bound’ to proteins in the products. Stomach acid melts these connections allowing you to get the vitamin. However, any interference with the stomach function means that you might not be able to complete this process.

In this case, vitamin B12-rich foods will go through your body without actually leaving the vital element behind. This problem is the same with fortified plant foods (cereals, juices, etc.)

One of the most important vitamin B12 pills benefits is that the supplements have the element in its ‘free’ form. Therefore, your body will definitely use it. Most importantly, a single capsule of Vitamin B-12 from Nature’s Potent contains 5,000mcg of the nutrient. This means your body will definitely get as much of the element as it needs.

Bear in mind that in rare cases, vitamin B12 supplements can interact with antibiotics and some other medications. It’s imperative to talk to your doctor about starting vitamin B12 pills if you are suffering from any chronic conditions or take meds.

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