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Guide to Achieving Permanent Weight Loss

Achieving permanent weight loss is a challenge that requires a change in your lifestyle and habits. This won’t be as hard as you might think if you go about it right from the very beginning. Start with setting a correct long-term goal, which should be to achieve a certain weight and keep your body this way. From that point, you can start working on a plan that’ll result in success.

1.      List the Habits That Prevent You from Achieving Permanent Weight Loss

You should compile a list of habits and other things that are responsible for your current weight and assess how they will influence any weight loss plans you have. Without changing your habits long-term, you’ll just go back to your current figure once you slip back into the ‘bad’ routine.

Therefore, you must first identify the habits that will need to be changed. After this, you must do some self-assessment and honestly determine if you are able to change them. In some cases, it might be best to start with lifestyle adjustments so you don’t add the stress of a new diet and physical exercise. Depending on your personal situation, you might benefit from talking to a counselor or joining a support group at this stage.

2.      Set Achievable Short-Term Goals

Achieving permanent weight loss is a long-term project. However, having only the ghost of the final goal before you will reduce your chances of success. In order to keep your motivation to lose weight and help your program progress better, you’ll need short-term goals.

Succeeding with them will boost your resolve and allow you to pace your progress and make some improvements to the program. Bear in mind that you must be realistic about the goals you set yourself. Consult a professional trainer and/or dietician to understand what you can truly expect from your weight loss plan.

3.      Eat Smart Instead of Little

Dieting is an important part of any weight loss program. However, you should never mistake a healthy diet for one that makes you starve yourself. You must get a sufficient amount of calories for a healthy adult to function daily. Usually, it’s about 2,000 calories per day, but this requirement may differ based on your levels of physical activity and BMI.

A smart diet is the one that provides you with enough energy to work, live, and exercise. It must contain a wide range of essential nutrients and exclude trans fats, sugar, and various ‘nasty’ chemicals from processed foods. If you get used to eating healthy while trying to lose weight, it’ll turn into a habit and make achieving permanent weight loss much easier.

4.      Become Physically Active

A boot camp and a year-long membership at a gym will do wonders to your body and are essential to reshaping it. However, you must exercise all the time in order to keep your muscles toned.

It would be best if you work out regularly, even after you get your dream figure. However, if frequent visits to a gym aren’t possible, you’ll need to make some major lifestyle adjustments. For example, switch to a bicycle and only use a car in special situations, or start walking home from your office. All in all, you must integrate some type of exercise into your daily life and make sure it stays there.

5.      Get Support from Peers

Connect with people who are in the same situation and therefore can understand what you are going through. Today you can easily find a support group for weight loss online. Working together, you can turn into an accountability group. This will motivate you to keep up your efforts of leading a healthy lifestyle.

Being a part of such group will not only make you feel more responsible for your own actions. It’ll give you a chance to become happier as you’ll be helping other people achieve your shared goals.

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