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Do You Need Supplements Following a Paleo Diet?

Yes, you might need some supplements following a Paleo diet, as even this excellent meal plan might not provide you with a full range of nutrients in some situations. The need for extra vitamins and minerals is determined by a variety of factors, including health condition, lifestyle, and diet. You must understand your actual requirements in order to determine whether you should use supplements and when to take them.

Situations When You Need Supplements Following a Paleo Diet

Like with any other meal plan, the cases when extra supplementation of nutrients is required are the same for everyone:

 Omega 3 EPA/DHA
  • Lack of specific food products.
    This happens when you don’t have regular access to specific food groups, for example, good cuts of lean meat or water fish. This means you won’t be able to maintain a proper Paleo diet, so supplements will fill up the ‘holes’ left by the unavailable produce.
  • Individual health conditions.
    Some types of supplements may help people suffering from a variety of disorders. For example, Lecithin 1200mg from Nature’s Potent provides cognitive support. It can be beneficial for people recovering from head trauma or suffer from some diseases that affect the nervous system.
  • Limited exposure to sunlight.
    Not getting enough sunlight means that you most likely have a vitamin D deficiency. Even Paleo diet cannot make up for this as there is very little of this element in food. Our bodies produce it on their own when the skin is exposed to sunlight. Nowadays, almost everyone can benefit from this supplement as realizing the dangers of sun radiations made people use SPF products. This is imperative as UV rays carry the risk of cancer, but sunscreens reduce the rate of the vitamin’s synthesis. Vitamin D3 10,000IUThe products that can provide vitamin D in your diet are:
  • Environmental factors.
    These cover situations when you live in an area plagued by toxins, for example in proximity to industrial plants. In this case, you’ll need to consult a professional and take a variety of blood tests to determine what kind of extra supplements you require. Note that you might need some products to fix the damage dealt by the environment and others to protect you from it.

Note that the #1 problem which causes most people to need supplements is also related to the environment. The level of pollution, inefficient agricultural practices, and other factors have caused a lot of damage to our plant. As a result, even organic foods grown using the best natural fertilizers aren’t as nutrient-rich as they were in the ancient times.

Following a Paleo diet means that you consume top-quality foods naturally filled with vitamins and minerals. However, you can’t eat too much in order to prevent weight gain. So, you’ll have to take regular blood tests to make sure that your produce provides sufficient amounts of every nutrient.

3 Best Supplement for Everyone Following a Paleo Diet

The best thing about a Paleo meal plan is that it contains all the essential vitamins and minerals a human being needs. The supplements you might benefit from when following this diet’s guidelines don’t aim to make up for some specific deficiency. Instead, they affect your general wellbeing.
These are:

  1. Digestive Enzymes.
    This product will promote and support the health of your digestive system and help you absorb maximum nutrients from foods.
  2. Omega 3 EPA/DHA.
    Even Paleo diet doesn’t provide large amounts of omega 3 fatty acids, so extra supplements are welcome in most cases.
  3. Melatonin 3mg.
    Melatonin is a supplement that influences your energy levels and can help you relax and fall asleep. Note that it’s not a product that must be taken regularly for months. You can treat it as a kind of natural sleep aid when you have a bad day.
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