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10 Delicious Fruits for Joint Pain: Make the Most of Summer

Did you know there are fruits that can help with joint pain? Eating these delectable and healthy treats while they are in season will help you fight nasty arthritis aches. As these foods are anti-inflammatory, they will also boost your wellbeing in general.

10 Fruits for Joint Pain: What to Enjoy Now

  1. Red raspberries.
    Red raspberries are full of antioxidants and phytonutrients, which reduce inflammation. They are particularly rich in anthocyanin and vitamin C.
  2. Cherries.
    Both sweet and tart cherries contain precious antioxidants. Tart cherries are particularly effective for reducing muscle and joint pain. There is a study that shows even drinking cherry juice regularly can help fight this discomfort.
  3. Strawberries.
    Strawberries are exceptionally rich in vitamin C, so they are one of the best fruits for joint pain. They are lower in sugar and higher in phytonutrients than citruses. So, eating a serving of strawberries gives you more benefits than an orange.
  4. Watermelons.
    Watermelons are high in fiber and beta-cryptoxanthin. The latter, in particular, is believed to be effective in reducing arthritis pains. Watermelons also have more lycopene than tomatoes and are very low in calories. You should enjoy them in large amounts while they are in season, as they can’t be preserved well.
  5. Grapes.
    No matter their type, grapes are rich in resveratrol, a natural anti-inflammatory agent. Resveratrol also helps kill microbes and bacteria.
  6. Citrus fruits.
    All citrus fruits contain lots of vitamin C and other antioxidants too. They are available all year round, so you can eat these fruits for joint pain no matter the season.
  7. Pineapples.
    Pineapples are one of the best sources of vitamin C and other anti-inflammatory agents. They also make a great addition to a weight-loss diet.
  8. Pomegranates.
    Pomegranates aren’t just a summer fruit, and are exceptional in their antioxidant content. They are not only good for managing and reducing pain, but also for cartilage health. A study from the Western Reserve University showed a potent pomegranate anti-inflammatory protein can prevent cartilage degeneration.
  9. Passionfruit.
    Passionfruit are exotic, delicious, and great for joint pain. It’s said that eating them regularly for a month can reduce the frequency and intensity of arthritis pain attacks. As they are only available for a limited time of the year, enjoy them while you can.
  10. Figs.
    Figs are the fruit of kings, and their health benefits are too many to count. They are very high in fiber and many other essential nutrients and antioxidants. They help reduce inflammation and strengthen cartilage, which cuts down the frequency of joint pain. Even dried figs can help, but they are best when fresh.

How to Boost the Effects of Fruit for Joint Pain

Krill Oil 500mg

Eating fruit is effective for joint pain and very enjoyable. However, to get the best results, you can complement their effects by adding joint-strengthening supplements.

For example, you can enhance the efficiency of antioxidants from fruit by adding Krill Oil. Omega 3 supplements also have an anti-inflammatory effect. This particular one gives you omega 3, 6, and 9 essential omega fatty acids. Thus, it brings you a variety of health benefits.

Glucosamine 500mg is another good supplement for joints. Glucosamine sulfate takes part in the synthesis of connective tissues. Therefore, it helps keep your joints strong and healthy. Combined with fruit, it might help chronic arthritis patients manage their condition all year round.

Potent Bone

If you are in a high-risk group for arthritis and want to do your best to protect your joints, consider taking Potent Bone. This supplement boosts a healthy diet, helping to strengthen bones, joints, and ligaments. Its effects work together with antioxidants from fresh fruit.

No matter what products and food you choose to eat, don’t forget exercising is also very important for managing pain. Check out these exercises that are easy on joints, so you can work out safely.

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